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New Stat: Persistence In Guild Wars 2

This idea actually came as I saw some PvE dmg tables which once again proved that Necromancer is totally useless in PvE. Conditions just aren’t viable (and zerk nec has lowest damage). The only dmg important conditions are vulnerability and bleeding (maybe you can count burning as well).

But with most zerk teams you have absolutely no problem with keeping 20+ stacks of vulnerability, permanent burning (mostly for dmg traits) as well as quite a lot of bleeding. So why should you actually have any need for a condition based build?

My idea is a new Stat: Persistence which modifies condition duration, combined with a change of basic condition duration. The new conditions should scale linearly with Persistence, starting with almost 0 duration (like 1 or 2 secs). This way a zerk group will have ca. 0 stacks of vulnerability. If you add a condition based build which can keep up 20 stacks in average, this actually buffs the team damage by 80% of a full zerk player. And the last 20% can easily be compensated by bleeding/burning and supportive conditions.

Some conditions like Blind, Fear, Weakness and Immobilize (maybe also Cripple and Chilled) should be less strongly affected by this scaling (higher start duration and less steep scaling) because they have a wider usage in builds, are not damage oriented and represent the CC part of conditions, which in my opinion should still be available to all builds.

To PvP: In my opinion one problem of condition builds is that condition damage is a solid stat on its own and unlike power where your damage is also dependent on ferocity and precision it does decent damage on it’s own which leads to condition bunkers which have the durability of a bunker and almost the damage of a dd. This change would equal out the damage of condi bunkers and soldier/cleric bunkers.In order to keep condition builds still viable the over all damage of conditions with condition damage and persistence (so you still have 1 defensive Stat available) probably has to be increased.

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