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Guild Wars 2’s Newest Patch Introduces Wardrobe System

NCSoft has revealed that Guild Wars 2 will be getting a new Wardrobe System, to come with their next update in April 15.

Basically, the Wardrobe is a way for you to organize all the weapon, skins, armor, etc. you collect in the game. After the update, you’ll get it as a new tab on your Hero Panel.

The Wardrobe tab is also where you will be able to make use of the new, simplified transmutation system. From the Wardrobe tab, you pick skins to use with your armor and weapons. You get to preview how it all looks before you apply it. In this way, you can switch around your look easily without losing your stats.

Perhaps the most significant change that comes along with the Wardrobe system is that skins now come in a parallel, account wide unlock system. To unlock skins, you need to equip items, salvage equipment, use consumables, or, perhaps most importantly, right click on a piece of equipment and then bind it to an account. Anytime you bound an item to your account and it enters your inventory, the skin unlocks automatically. These skins can then be used on as many items as many times as you want, for the cost of one Transmutation Charge.

Town clothes sold as outfits are single outfit skins now, and purchasing one makes it available to all the characters in your account. Outfits will not require Transmutation Charges, and they will have a separate appearance slot. There will also be single items that will be usable for any of your characters, for any armor weight.

Need more info? You can get some more details, as well as information on the improved Dye System, here. Check out the official trailer below.