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Guild Wars 2 Treating Your Traits Right

Traits are perhaps one of the best sources of individuality for your Guild Wars 2 character. They allow for quite a bit of customization of what you are able to accomplish, as well as utility for any situation. Unfortunately, it does come with quite a bit of a player based complications. Though the majority of us excited about Guild Wars 2 are glad about the abolishment of the “holy trinity” (healer, damage, and tank), it would be foolish not to admit how easy it made to build characters. A healer knows what they are trying to maximize, and the same goes for a tank and a damage oriented character. Without this kind of structure, it is in the hands of the player to make the decisions that make their character viable. Yes, you are quite responsible for your own survival, defense, and control options. There will not always be others around to hold your hand for your survival or around to make sure the enemy dies. Finding the right build is not as easy as it could seem.

Guild Wars 2 may promote groups gathering together to tackle down the same goal, but the responsibility to work together falls to the players. Traits are one of the main ways you can create individual and group utility other than your skills. The following are a few basic tips to help any aspiring trait build, so that you can get the most out of your trait choices. As a note, these tips assume a full build, and some are more tailored to number crunchers. Though we are still in beta, these tips should still generally hold unless the trait system is revamped.