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BTW The trading post can absolutely be worked In Guild Wars 2

A player should not have to go farm 30 minutes in Orr a day for 2.5-3g. Also I don’t believe your 2.5g from farming Orr considers travel and repair cost for farming (and your estimate is very liberal I might add, a more conservative and accurate number for selling all mats/loot on one of these runs would be ~1.5g). Given you can farm Orr in this manor but you forgot to calculate in waypoint travel cost to get to Orr (unless you want to pay the 2.5s be prepared to spend 15 minutes getting to Orr from nearest free travel major city (15 minutes assuming you have Swiftness boons up). Then you forgot to subtract the cost of armor repair. If you’re a horrible player you’ll go down all the time. If you good you can expect to drop at least a few times and damage a piece or two, 6-10s in repairs is a conservative number.

My only issue with the system you propose is

  • You forgot to mention the hidden cost in armor repair travel
  • Your numbers while in the ballpark are a bit off in my experience
  • This system doesn’t encourage people to play together. 30 minutes a day just to farm for items to sell for gold in the most difficult zones on the map just so you have a little extra money to occasionally go play with friends? It’s a broken system and perhaps the worst grind scenario I’ve seen in a game that has been so adamant about being the anti-grind MMO. Forget farming for an exotic set, I’m just talking about having to do this to sustain in this game.

I can tell by the other responders I am not alone in my experience. If this is working for you great. If you’re in disagreement perhaps you can elaborate on your strategy?

BTW The trading post can absolutely be worked. It’s a very, very painful process going through items, calculating cost of mats vs returns over time. It’s something only a mathematician or economist would find fun. It would be great if the “playing the TP” approach yielded excellent returns, but as it is now this approach is required for people to just get by. The games economy seems to mimic too closely a real economy. The problem with this is the amount of time someone spends in the real world. This is a game that should put fun and focus on encouraging people to play together over an economy modeled on proven principles of real-world economies.

It seems to be when you have an economist on board that would be their task, to separate their text book and historical knowledge of how real world economies work (to be fair real world economies are heavily market focused).

If you were to model a real world economy in game you would create “work” scenarios which is exactly what we have now. I sign-in and in order to make enough money to keep playing the game I have to go to Orr do some unpleasant grind to get the money and I must do as part of a routine to sustain. If you model a real-world economy in game (and I think they have tried to do that) you end up with this. It’s very bad.

it’s not working and I hope ArenaNet sees the responses in this thread and realizes something must change.


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