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The Future Of Leveling In Guild Wars 2

We all hate it, we all love it, most importantly, we can all agree, there has to be a better way to do it.Leveling, is boring.
You can still be a die hard leveler who loves to make 80’s on the fly and even you will admit that doing it for the tenth time in a row, gets taxing, tiring, repetitive and downright mind numbing.The biggest problem with Leveling, is not in the leveling itself, grinding is a method, and for some its enjoyable, but for a lot of us it is not.

So whats your alternatives?

World Vs World:
– This is a double edged sword, with a mass population server this works favorably, but if your population is low, it rarely ends well.
– You can use this as a means to get about 20 levels a day if you’re patient enough.
– Its a chore for the hardcore, but not so friendly for casuals.

– Dependent on being a minimum of level 30+ to start using this method to reach levels.
– Fast per run.
– Dependent strongly on having people willing to run them.
– LFG has created a toxic community of Achievement level specific players that wont take you in unless you get to X achievement level, so you better farm achievements if you want to be apart of it.

– LFG, see Above.
– Good if you’re able to adapt on the fly, but you’ll be farming lower fractals for a while just to get fast levels.
– People rarely want to boost people this way, ever.

– You can buy Level up Tomes with successful PvP Glory oh wait-
– Future PvP methods might have better ways to add leveling to the game.

– Works if you are patient, and have A LOT of money or are willing to buy gems to make a lot of money.
– Not so good if you lack the above two.

Living Story:
– Most LS content will boost you to 80 and allow you to participate in Zergs.
– Effective, but repetitive and boring after a while.
– Depends strongly on grinding for the most part.
– Battle for Lions Arch also awards level up tomes for 100 found belongings acquired per mob roundup.
– Advise having strong AOE heavy class for this.

World Quest/Exploration:
– Grindtastic Heart Quest Farming and reliance on Events.
– Easier to do but slow as hell.
– Will take you quite some time to do solo.

Personal Story:
– Only really works if you have farmed to later levels before hand.
– Not the best way to level quickly as later quests become too hard for you to do alone.

Whats the problem then?

Leveling is a bandwagon, especially in a game like GW2, where the content is end game heavy, and earlier game light.

Before one says, there’s no end game, there is, it lasts 2 weeks an episode before moving on with or without you.


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