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We need better utilities and stuff for necromancers to help parties in Guild Wars 2

We need better utilities and stuff for necromancers to help parties. They have garbage helping utilities. Minions that are more of a burden in dungeons than help. No cleave. Other classes can cleave without evening traiting from just their weapons.Guardians has good dps, party aegis, condition removal and reflects.Warriors has banners, good dps with axe auto, and can might stacks with PS(not for speed clears, but they still have this awesome option for pugs). A longbow for might stacking if their party is missing fire fields.

Elementalists has great might stacking and provides conjure weapons that are really powerful (ice bows and fiery greatsword), great dps with staff or Lightning hammer. They can also slightly heal while using conjure weapons without even trying in water atunement.Mesmers has great reflect options, condition removal if necessary, portal and timewarp. These great support makes up for what they lack compared to other professions.Thieves has great stealth to skip mobs in dungeons, make things smoother in runs. Great single target dps to blow up bosses. They even have a spammable blast finisher with their shortbow just because they can.

Rangers has spotter and frost spirit, but their sword dps for some unknown reason jumps around and prevents you from dodging unless you swap weapons when you don’t want to. Nobody wants them using a bow. Their pets are so important that rangers are the only profession that have to worry about their pet dying or not. Dead pet = lost of dps. Other classes don’t have to care about their pet dying.

Engineers can do a bit of everything. Sometimes not so great but at least they can do it.Necromancers don’t help the team. Nobody wants a healing necromancer, because they’re garbage. Just give them a passive boon that allows the party to life leech from mobs when they’re near the necromancer. Like that signet of vampricicicic something but better, because that signet is not so good. Every class has a weapon that can cleave! Why oh why does the necromancer not get a cleave weapon? Give them a scythe, they can be the dervish that people want back. We can give them a bone and also let necromancer cleave with a scythe, it fits their profession too.


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