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Queensdale – Vista Location Guide In Guild Wars 2

This guide will cover the locations of all 2 Vista locations in the Queensdale region, for the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Within you will find a list of each vista, with pictures and directions on how to reach each one, along with a video walkthrough below.

Altar’s Winding’s

A very straight foward and easy vista to get. From the vale waypoint, it will be up the side of a hill to your west, which you have to do a bit of zig zagging to get up, but is only a short distance away.

You will find the point sitting on a rock outcropping on the southern edge of the first major bend of the hill itself.

The only thing worth noting here is the colony of Harpies which spawn on and around this hill, meaning you will probably face a bit of combat on your way up unless other people are around helping clean up the creatures.

Bandit Haunt Caverns

This vista point requires by far the most amount of travel time to reach while also having the most enemies between you and it, from any of it’s nearest waypoints. Besides these two facts however, there is not a lot of challenge, acrobatically anyways, in reaching the vista itself.

From the fields waypoint, you can head west along the road until it ends near the moa fields. There you will find the cavern entrance somewhat concealed in the southern rock wall to your left as you travel past the road’s end. Once you’ve entered the cavern’s you will have to travel for quite a ways, generally heading southeast from this point with some mild deviation. There will be lots of nooks and crannies with tons of bandits to boot, however you can charge past the hostiles and there is still a rather easy way to tell which direction is the cavern’s main means of travel.

Eventually you will reach a large room, much bigger than those you’ve been through before, with a semi-island in the center, which is surrounded by water, which is surrounded by cave. There will be a wooden bridge that connects that path your on to the island itself, which you just need to run up a ways to reach the vista here. Be careful as there is usually a veteran mob which spawns nearby at the very center of the island. As long as your careful not to approach it too closely, you should be able to avoid its aggro long enough to grab the point.


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