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Guild Wars 2 has the most potential for changes over any game

This game has taken a new route on MMO’s that others are afraid of. GW1 did the same thing. This game has to be different from all other games including GW1. From what I understand about GW1 is this. If Anet had the resources to create GW1 as they wanted to, GW2 is what it was suppose to be. They did not have the resources so they created a great game GW1 using instanced content instead. Now they have that ability and have learned a lot from GW1 in how to back ground updates, make changes without kicking everyone off for hours, and giving us a great game to play.

Do they take ideas from other games well yeah of course. All games do this, but are not always successful. Does GW2 work with other games on how people play yes of course, there is no subscription fee. This gives anyone who plays and does not have the money to play two sub games a lot of choice.

Stop trying to make GW2 into other games. Make suggestions that work with this game not because it comes from another game, but because it will work with this game. Suggestions Like new weapon skills (not weapons) with existing weapon skills giving new builds to try. Not suggestions like we need the holy trinity back.

GW2 has the most potential for changes over any game out there because of design. Changes pretty much on the fly any time they want. Sometimes announced sometimes not. If you want to farm constantly in the same place Aka endgame this game may not be for you. If you like a constantly changing game with new things to farm or do then this game is for you.

P.S. Anet or any other MMO developer does not owe the players anything in particular to what they think they deserve. They only try to give them the best experience they can for the type of MMO it is.This is not being a fanboy I have respect for all games, because I know I do not have the ability to make them. I also know that to develop them it takes a lot of people.


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