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Guild Wars 2 Suggestion: Megafractals

In the past year we have seen alot of requests for a variety of content. Some of the most consistently requested content is for the highlights of LS season 1 to return, such as the Twisted Marionette boss, which were removed for little reason.

Players have also been requesting raids since the game’s launch.

My proposal is to kill two birds with one stone: The addition of “mega”-fractals, which would essentially be 30-50 man content designed to be completed in an instanced area that anyone could enter, effectively allowing players to complete historical events such as The Battle of Lion’s Arch as many times as they please.

We’ve already been shown by the existence of EOTM that creating large, complex and instanceable maps in the mists is possible. My proposal is just an extension of this system to adopt some FOTM concepts , allowing large numbers of players to relive historical events, except on a much grander scale.

This type of content could even be tackled by small to medium-sized guilds.

This would also provide a way for the FOTM concepts, such as Agony, to be introduced into a larger, more casual PvE population, thus giving a larger application for ascended gear beyond FOTM runners and WvW maxers.

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