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The Levelling System Is So Good In Guild Wars 2

I’m an altaholic. I level alts in EOTM and outfit them in Exotic gear and dress them up and generally do more PVE content. I took a year break, after ‘completing’ 3 characters, then came back and have ‘completed’ 5 more (3 of which were grandfathered into the then new trait system, 1 who was a repeat profession and who I used my old character to sponsor trait books and 1 who was a completely new class and had the fresh trait unlock experience). While waiting for the patch to come and settle down, instead of levelling my Engineer, I bought gw2 gold from the recent steam sale and have been working through it for my HOM (got 5 points!).

At the same time, a couple of weeks ago I introduced a friend to Guild Wars 2. He’s not a gamer, not even anywhere close, and found it difficult to find quests and level up and needed help to even find the trading post, and despite warnings not to, used his free hero armour skin on his level 1 gear.

So what’s good?

When I heard of the new levelling up tutorials, I told my friend he should just start a new character. For someone who doesn’t know much more than auto-attacking, I see these tutorials as a godsend to really new gamers. I’m not talking about people coming into THIS MMO for the first time, I’m talking about people coming into A MMO for the first time (and let’s face it, GW2, flaws and all, is a great and easy MMO to be inducted into the gaming culture, I know, it was MY first MMO).

As an avid player of the personal story (More because my characters don’t feel complete unless they at least kill Zhaitan), I prefer it in one shot, so I think that the new grouping at 10 level intervals for chapters is a good thing.

I am neutral about taking out the Greatest Fear arcs. They never really stood out to me, especially because there wasn’t enough time to really get invested in them, maybe aside from Syska’s story. I couldn’t care less about Apatia or Tonn.

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