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Guild Wars 2 Jeweler&Cook 500

From the Features that Anet planned to release until the end of 2013, Jeweler and cooking 500, pre cursor scavenger hunt and new legendary weapons didnt make it into the game until now.

Anet already confirmed that the Scavenger Hunt wil definately not be in the feature patch and is delayed until further notice.

As this topic is not about new legendaries (feel free to create a seperate topic for it), I would like to ask, if there are any news on Jeweler and Cooking 500?The remaining blogpost topics about the feature patch dont really suggest that we will see those implemented on April 15th.

Granted, those 2 professions are the hardest to implement as cooking mostly makes consumables and ascended trinkets are mostly already attainable by other means.But with the upcoming dye changes and crafted dyes playing a bigger role in the supply chain, once the majority of unidentified dyes from the refund on April are used up, i think it opens up cooking to overhaul the crafting process of dyes entirely.

If Anet plans on focussing Cooking 400-500 on dyes, i guess it would make sense to wait with it until the feature-patch-dye-extra-bonanza settled down a bit and Anet is able to collect some more accurate data of that market.


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