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Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapons

My suggestion was for an alternative to rng or gold grind for a precursor, not the Legendary itself. Plenty of t6 mats are still involved in the Legendary crafting process along with the map completion, clovers, gifts and so on. I’ve been playing for almost two years now (have not made any Legendary weapons), and anyone who has been playing a similar amount of time with precursor woes is not some one who expects instant gratification by any means.

Rather it is the desire for an additional option to obtain a precursor that is not dependent upon rng or buying it for (ever increasing amounts of) gw2 gold us on the tp.

I would not expect a quest option to be easy, but much like the achievement portion of the LS replay, what is easy to some is hard for others. That will always be a quality of any game design, players have various skill levels and experience content differently.
At a point in the game when some players have multiple Legendary weapons, and others make them to sell on the tp I don’t think it is going to break the game for there to be an option for players to gain an account bound precursor.

The story could be time gated or it might not, and thus how long it takes be up to player motivation/skill. I don’t think how long it takes is relevant as there are plenty of other aspects to the construction of a Legendary weapon besides just the precursor, many of which take some time.

(This would also be for an account bound precursor, and I would expect the weapon made from such a precursor to be account bound as well.)

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Posted by on August 9, 2014 in Guild Wars 2 Gold