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How to include GvG into WvW

I have a decent idea (probably) to include a form of GvG combat into normal WvW.

step 1: remove all ruins and bloodlust from borderlands; sorry Anet, it was a good try, but most of the players don’t like bloodlust/ruins and just find it all an annoyance they sometimes have to care about in close matches.

step 2: put the lake back in with a good sized Colosseum-like arena in the middle

Now it gets a bit more complicated but totally doable, here’s how it could work:

  • the first guild that gets there claims it for their server at a npc
  • when this happens, some PPT points will start to count up for the server, how much is yet to be decided
  • when they claim, the guild sets the number of defenders as a value from 10 to 20 (maybe a fixed value of 15 or 20 defenders), those players have to physically be there and stay there for it to give points to the server
  • enemy guilds can issue challenges to take the arena only with the exact numbers set by the defending guild
  • there would be a challenge queue/order when more guilds are there, handled by a npc
  • the matches would be best of 3 rounds (maybe 5 or 9 depending on how long the challenge queue is at that moment), with the possibility to change defender numbers and roster after a match victory (not between rounds)
  • if a challenger wins, they are also free to change defender numbers (unless the number is decided to be fixed at either 15 or 20)
  • combat and siege deployment is disabled on the island and arena walls/spectator places

That would be the general idea, some details are not set in stone obviously.

Let me know what you think or if my phrasing is not clear enough.