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Guild Wars 2 Dungeon Suggestion: Colosseum Of Heroes

If anyone is interested in a challenging dungeon, I would suggest reading this. Otherwise, a TL;DR is at the bottom.

So inspired by the Fractals of the Mist dungeon, I felt there is more to learn experimenting with fight mechanics that would reward players for attempting the dungeons.

I also feel like we should have a new dungeon that is geared towards testing the more refined dungeon runners, the ones that crave more challenge.

I thought of an idea, where the dungeon is divided similarly to FotM, but leaving out “trash” mobs, and solely start being tested by the big-bads themselves. What better way to do this than a coliseum styled dungeon layout. Where the fights are divided and randomized based on how well your previous challenge was.

Example; The fight you first take on is one of a random three of a bottom tier boss pool. If succeeding against this boss with little trouble, it amps up to the next boss pool, with more mechanics and other tactics needing to be required. This, by standard, should go about 4-5 times for basic running. You get to announce when you are ready for the next fight.

Now imagine if the basic set is done and you claim to test your will on much stronger foes. Challenge yourself in a “Champion Challenge” after the initial bouts. These would be the hardest, and grant better rewards the further you go in. Higher levels of this fight system would also challenge those to use the Agony-system also found in FotM, allowing more desire to make Agony Res gear.

Later you can also add new bosses to the pools, perhaps even related to the progress of the Living Stories and Expansions.

TL;DR Variant: I suggest a new, stronger dungeon for long-time dungeon players.

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