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Guild Wars 2 Second half of LS Season 2

Mordremoth is trying to retrieve and assemble the bloodstones.

The drawing in Scarlet’s room/design in the vision looks so familiar to the design on the floor of the Bloodstone Fen/door of the bloodstone caves. That means (if you believe bloodstones are at work here), you can infer that the Master of Peace had a bloodstone in his possession and Aerin (under Mordy influence) was trying to seize it. The MoP, of course, said that what he had was an item of great power. AND he was headed in, what appears to be, the direction of Bloodstone Fen deep within the Maguuma Jungle.

The crystals in the vision, I, and a few others, believe to be a depiction of bloodstones themselves. And you could see rising towers, which looked an awful lot like the Mursaat Towers (with, and this is a stretch, the Ether Seal glowing gold in the middle of the vision). The Mursaat (I’ve forgotten a lot, so correct me if I’m wrong) originally used the bloodstones to keep Abaddon sealed away out of fear that they would be wiped out. If they have the idea that Mordremoth will also be a danger to themselves, they’d want the bloodstones for themselves (as they did back in GW1).

Of course, you need the blood of the true ruler of Kryta to unlock the magic within the bloodstones. And Queen Jennah has that blood running through her. Added to that, we’ve been told of a powerful artefact that can reveal the true ruler’s face. I can see this going three ways. Either the queen will get cheap guild wars 2 gold and the player will use this artefact to find her. Or the queen will die, and the enemies will use the artefact to locate the next ruler to unlock the power. Or, the queen will die while unlocking the bloodstone power (just as it was implied that King Doric died after his blood was sealed to the bloodstones).

Basically the queen’s in trouble. Countess Anise will have a lot of saving to do. Which brings me to the next theory, which a few have also thought of. Anise is Livia from GW1. After getting the Sceptre of Orr, she would have had enough time to learn Mesmer magic (not impossible, in GW1 I was a necro/mesmer), and would have had enough time to fit herself into the Queen’s land. But that’s a completely different story which might be tackled after the story moves towards the Door of Komalie and Soul Batteries and stuff, probably in LS Season 3 (or late Season 2).

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The New Weapon of Bomb in Guild Wars 2

A lot of the chosen ones were talking about the Guild Wars 2 at the Annul Oasis. It seemed they got their skills and Guild Wars 2 gold ready.

This game will be popular forever because there are new things continuously.Innovation is important to a game. If all players use the same method to hit monster, this game will be closed soon. Yes, I hate the person who only copies other people. I felt glad to hear their talk. They were right. The distillation of Guild Wars 2 was innovation. You did not know what would happen. It was as same as gambling. Both the instance and arena were one kind of gambling.The price of failure was restarting. But we only had one life, so we could not restart.I remembered what the Hero Wraith said. Now we should set out; but we should buy guild wars 2 gold first. When I teamed up, I saw Laird suddenly, who was the friend we knew in the third section. When we met each other for the first time, he used the life emissary to deal with the natural emissary. He learned the Belief Compensation of zealot of Khulna later. He thought it was more useful than the life emissary. But he did not mate a good set of skills.Finally he found the inspiration from the zealot of demon monster again. He used the set of Arcane Ardor.Polly is not here today. Laird, you come to add blood and Guild Wars 2 for us. No, I don’t want to add blood today. I want to be export strength, very high export. I want to kill a person in a second.Do you want to pick up your scythe again? I thought it was not comfortable that a god caller had to add blood with the staff of monk.

No, I won’t use the scythe. The export of scythe is not bigger than mine. I will use the bomb except the cheap guild wars 2 gold. Do you want to use the bomb? I did not know what he wanted to do.Yes, in fact it is the attack of high damage range, which considers me as center. Look at this skill. It is the Arcane Storm. Its profession is god caller; its type is earth prayer; its attribute is mantra. It can disperse all gain sorcery of the user. When a gain skill is dispersed successfully, all enemies nearby will suffer 10 to 30 points of earth damage (there are 130 points of damage at most). It consumes 10 points of energy. Its casting time is 0.75; the cooling time is 8.