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Guild Wars 2 A New Approach To Balance

Generally speaking I think balance could long-term look into the following things:

  • Gameplay is generally “too spammy”. It needs more deliberation. This isn’t a problem with conditions specifically. For both boons and conditions, I’d seriouslycut access to it. And I mean seriously, if your class can buff a party with 5s of Fury every kitten , that’s enough Fury access for you, done, that’s it. Ofc, in turn each individual effect should be much stronger, that Fury should set people to 100% crit and increase Ferocity by 50% on top of that. Poison should drop healing by 90% (and still deal some little damage), in turn even a Necro can maybe apply 5-6 seconds every 30 seconds – 45 seconds.
  • Also, overspecialization is a problem in that it creates too big a variable space for balance. What I’d do is cut stat income for traits and gear by 50% (or 60%, even), and increase base stats accordingly. In effect, everyone becomes a bit more “Celestial”, better at what they didn’t spec on and worse in what they specced on, but still significantly better at what they specced than what they didn’t.
  • Then take into account the different nature of PvE-group and WvW balance. Balancing for sPvP makes balance worse in those formats outside of smallest-scale, which makes sense because now balance is being done for smallest-scale, which clashes with larger-scale balance.
  • PvE needs a balance of identity more than a balance of power. If each class brings something highly unique (or two or three) to the table and each situation constantly includes effects where that class would be really overpowered to have, then the limit of 5 players versus 8 classes (and hence 8 ~ X*8 special effects) creates a better balance as you always notice the sting of the classes you don’t have gw2 gold.
  • WvW needs a balance of scaling. A class which has a powerful effect in a 5v5 fight should not have the same effect be useless in a 40v40. The scaling needs to be so the relative power is identical (if 20% of your zerg is Mesmers, Feedback needs to have the same effect it has when 1 of your team of 5 is a Mesmer). This makes all classes valid to bring and stack as they scale smoothly. On the downside, this cannot be scaled down to smaller sizes too much, bringing me to…
  • If in doubt, axe sPvP. It’s balance is too unique compared to the other and apparently much larger game modes, creates too big a conflict of interests for balancing. Makes it a separate game, integrate it as sub-instances into WvW where “strike teams” enter castle maps to infiltrate them, something like that. But contextualize it either on it’s own or as a sub-system of PvE or WvW (PvE makes very little sense ) so that it doesn’t clash as much.
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