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Why Guild Wars 2 Run Power Over Condition In PvP/WvW

Let me know what AI builds are played at the upper levels of PvP. Virtually none, because they really aren’t that hard to defeat. AI builds have a low skill floor, but the skill ceiling is barely any higher because the player has such limited input. Once you figure out how to beat a newbie running AI, you’re 80-95% of the way toward beating a master of running an AI build.

Funnily enough, something similar is true with condition builds. People don’t seem to get that there are condition attacks that you should blind/block/dodge just the same as there are power attacks that you want to buy gw2 gold. Why? Because they don’t see a huge number pop up immediately when they get hit with the skill, so they don’t figure out that it is that skill that is getting them killed.

A lot of people also don’t understand that they don’t need to be totally condition-free to beat condition builds and will use their cleanses when they would be better saved.

This has nothing to do with condition builds being overpowered; they’re actually on the weaker end for PvP. It has to do with lower-skill players not understanding how to properly counterplay against a condition build. I’ve seen engineers take on condition necros with only Healing Turret for a cleanse, yet come out so far on top, the necro may as well have been a Veteran mob. Those engineers (by far in the minority, granted) knew exactly how to counterplay the necro and did so brilliantly.

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Guild Wars 2 Key Farming Changes

The change shouldn’t affect leveling experience since you can easily level without the help of the personal story. As long as you do events and 100% the map, it won’t matter. I for example simply follow the personal story and 100% whatever zone it takes me to, which gets me through ~20%-30% of the game before reaching 80. People that try to level through traditional questing however are going to have a bad time.

With the personal story being delivered in chapters, I suspect it’s going to create an odd leveling experience. Now you’ll have to go backwards to complete the personal story since what was once 1-10 is now 10. It’s also going to cause level jumps, just like crafting, since the entire chapter will probably be worth something like 5 levels, which you are now encouraged to complete all at once rather than as part of your journey. For those that had problems with leveling to begin with, they’ll likely struggle to make gw2 gold to level 10, at which point the entire chapter will carry them to the next zone, causing a feeling of uphill-downhill-uphill-etc leveling.

Also, the personal story being moved to level 10 has nothing to do with key farming since they moved the key to the level 20. This change is in response to complaints about the flow of the personal story. Back at launch for example, the level gaps between steps was a common complaint from people trying to quest their way through the game, since they felt they needed to grind experience to catch up.

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