Extremely Inflated Prices in Blade & Soul

16 Mar

Well in the first place those were extremely inflated prices on the TW server we wouldn’t end up needing nearly as much. Prices here are 5-25x+ cheaper. Probably going to be even cheaper for Medals of Honor.

But from the looks of it we might be getting the original KR NLab legendary weapons if what babbletr0n said on the livestream is correct. They come from a quest that takes ~12k gold to complete (one of the parts of the quest is literally just give an NPC 5k gold). They can’t be upgraded, attack is barely better than True Pirate (313) and they have nothing special besides focus recovery and a defensive buff that is really OP in OWPvP. In terms of offensive stats they’re probably worse than Awakened Pirate.

I’ve been playing casually, though now that I’ve hit 43 on my assassin, Blade-Soul can see the grind ahead (soulstones, moonwater transformation stones…). I am having fun leveling up alts though. Had 7 character slots with the master pack, was leaving one open for warlock, but since we’re getting a free slot, I guess I have no excuse to not make a blade dancer. Unless I leave it open for soul fighter, in case they don’t give us another character slot…

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Posted by on March 16, 2016 in Blade And Soul


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