The Oddest Brayflox NM in FFXIV

08 Mar

Well, the oddest tank, anyway. They started off by pulling the first two packs together, then died because the healer want prepared for that. Then of course the healer died, and the BLM too. I survived only because I only had aggro on one mob so the rest didn’t go after me. And the tank kept rushing ahead throughout, except in the one large room they spent a lot of time pulling every single mob pack in a seemingly random order. During this they did a too-large pull once again which wiped them and the healer and eventually the BLM too. Again I managed to survive only by running away really fast, with all the mobs trailing after me until I met the rest of the party again and we managed to get them down. And all the time during fights, they were constantly, slowly, sliding forwards and backwards into and out of the mobs. To the point where they would end up spinning the mobs and making hitting positionals just that bit more annoying.

Actually, that sounds more like an issue with the healer. Though, the tank should have stopped doing big pulls when it failed the 1st time. If the healer couldn’t keep him up from 2 mobs, then he really shoulda known that he wasn’t going to survive another or more… As for the sliding in and out of mobs to Buy FFXIV Gil, I’ve had to do that as well depending on the circumstances. First thought is they were avoiding AoE’s and the mob was simply too big (therefore, you’re basically circling them to avoid as they each start placing AoE’s down).

Second thought is that since the healer was failing, the next best mitigation tool after using all your CDs is to kite… It may seem silly to see a tank running away from a mob, but even just taking a few less auto attacks a second will greatly help preserve hp. It’s not recommended, but from what you wrote, it sounds like the healer just couldn’t keep this guy up and the tank was trying to continue doing big pulls and trying to do everything he could to keep up.

But overall, the fault lies with the tank in terms of his judgement. Just because YOU can handle bigger pulls doesn’t mean your team can. I’ve said it many times, but if one of the trinity roles can’t perform, you all will fail. If a tank can’t hold aggro, you will wipe. If a healer can’t keep the tank alive, you will wipe. If the DPS can’t burn the adds, you will likely wipe from resource depletion.

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