The albion online was ment to be played hardcore and dangerous

22 Dec

The reason why many ppl also me quit the game.

Hello, my name is antoni, i did spend alot time with this game, also i had a own Albion Online Gold guild with about 100 members, which the most off agree with me, and also quit because of this and other reasons.
I like PvP, for me its the best part in every game, but what actually RUINS this game, is the fact that we have to GRP fame farm in red zones to get up to t6 t7 t8, i did it with 2 chars to 4.3 ( same fame as T6) , but its way to fucked up to get the 1,9m fame now in red zones, thats the only thing what i dont like in this game , and its just a big point which makes me quit the game right now.

Also the fact that there is only big grp pvp in like every area is also bad, if there were zones where it is only possible to 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3 , or way better to 1 vs 1 , that would be great…

Well ill check after release again, if the T5′+ ( i know there are very less T5 mobs in yellow) are only in red zones, i wont make it back, the RIGHT way would be, do make monsters t1-t4 in Green zone, and t5-t7 in Yellow Zones ( People would PvP there to kill others, which also farm there). and T8 Mobs prob in red / darkzone.

Mats for exp, could go to red zones, cuz i feel like , you dont have to go with your whole gear to get the mats, maybe ur highest Tool, or you take some random armor and weapon to kill mobs and get leather off it.

This is not only my oppinion, i talked to very much ppl , who did also quit for exact this reason, lets see what this awesome game will be in future.

Antoni, I was one of your guild members. A guild that you abolished overnight without a single warning, which made me loose al my gear in the bank on the guild island (trust me, it was a lot).

The game was ment to be played hardcore and dangerous, so you get the excitement and the adrenaline rush. If you want a carebear game, go play every other MMO out there. Obviously making t7 in yellow invalidates the whole danger concept cause the difference between t7 and t8 is not worth it. So no, pretty much everyone Albion Online Power Leveling that plays this game, plays it because they like the fact that its not for wussies or cowards. Its hardcore and should stay hardcore. I honestly think yellow zones are already a stretch. But its a compromise. Dont take it any further. Oh yeah, and I think most people agree with me. Dont destroy the very essence of what makes Albion unique.

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