Some Albion Online suggestions from playing for a day

25 Nov

So here are my suggestions from a day of playing minus resource regeneration due to the Albion Online Gold threads already about that.

1) Circle of Transparency – Ultima Online had a great setting called Circle of Transparency which would make objects that would block your character somewhat translucent when you were behind them. I think we need that here.

2) A friends list – Unless I’m blind and can’t find it, a friends list to see when people are online you are friends with would be an obviously needed addition.

3) Easier transferring of items between bank and bags – Dragging items to the bank is annoying. Let me just right click the item to pop it in there and auto stack / make new stacks. To add to this whilst dragging items to the bank if I misclick I end up running like half a screen away from the bank chest. Not fun.

All of these are good points, buildings and trees occluding your vision is terrible, especially when you are being attacked.

The friend’s list is missing and you won’t see names near your char’s portrait or a listing unless they are in your party.

The constant drag / drop and clickfest in this game is definitely ruining a lot of the fun.

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