Guild Wars 2 Wasteland WvW Map

27 Sep

A 2-4 sided map with overflow instances and no world limitations. No PPT. You simply earn better loot from taking and defending locations. As for what side people would spawn on, I think every match should be randomized. If it was a 4 sided map, each match would randomly choose 6 NA servers to be part of each side.

The map would contain multiple siege-able locations containing boss/survival battles. A main castle battle for example:

You siege your way to the inner sanctum. After beating the first boss you receive reward level 1. All walls and doors can be repaired or reinforced (extra cost) via an NPC that spawns. After a few minutes, mobs start appearing and try to destroy outer walls, doors, defensive siege and kill the repair NPC (who cannot be revived). If you tried to rush the boss and left a lot of mobs in the courtyard, this could be quite difficult to counter. After about 15-20 minutes another more difficult boss spawns. Defeating this boss grants you reward level 2. Walls and doors can be repaired again providing the NPC is still alive. A final wave of mobs including a mini-boss spawn to try and destroy walls, doors and siege again. The final and strongest boss appears that you must defeat for the final reward. No more mobs will spawn until you’ve left the castle/tower, which has basically reset to level 1. You’re doing all of this while defending against other groups trying to get in and steal the higher level rewards you’ve unlocked.

What do you guys think? Would it just turn into another EoTM? Would the extra coordination required to take and defend locations promote smaller more ogranized groups?

I think like this:

Remove all of the karma, gold and badges gains. Basically any personal rewards. Keep the PPT. Now, implement an orb in each map at the top and one in SM(like the old days). Here’s the trick. The more your server owns in the map, the more you earn of X reward.

So it would work like this. You want to have the orb to get any reward at all. To get it you will have to zerg you say, but I say no. Because if you have the orb but no PPT the orb is useless. Therefore your world will split their groups up to cap and hold as many towers as possible, all while the enemy servers want the orb to get the bonus. If they get the orb, the server holding it will need their forces elsewhere which means it will be kittening hard to defend the actual orb while keeping your PPT up, and thus the less people you can have to do the mission, the better.

Complicated? No.

You need both the orb and PPT to get X reward at all for your server. Bonuses, cheap gw2 gold, karma anything. Your server will HAVE to split the big zerg to get any X reward.

This will make WvW a much more central point of the game, PvE players will have interest in it, and it will favour allready skilled small groups. The less people you need to cap a tower or defeat an enemy, the more people you can have to cap things elsewhere or defend the orb.

The only problem it will not fix is the population one. There will still be nightcapping etc. But we will see smaller groups and smaller skilled groups will be very valuable and create more of a hype around good smaller guilds. Much like the 300 movie.

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