Guild Wars 2 Desert PvP Area Ideas

18 Sep

Inspired by this thread, I decided to make one more broad and open than simply copying and pasting an old map with a few changes. I’m thinking an arena based on some of Dry Top’s functions and perhaps other tidbits people can come up with.

Two ideas which I somewhat stole from the previously mentioned thread are a sandstorm mechanic and quicksand. I’m thinking if the sandstorm activates automatically for 1 minute every two minutes, in which case a third of the match will be played with poor visibility. Quicksand can simply help divide the map into sections or perhaps be placed on points to make it slightly harder to go full bunker on the map as CC can drive people into the blinding-damaging AoE. For more strategic play, the quicksand could do little to no physical damage and instead apply blind and bleed every second, in which case players can quickly traverse this terrain using anti-condi skills/utility along with leaping or teleporting.

As for other fun things, the map could be made with layers or heights. The Home/Far will be on the upper level while there will be a mid level and a lower level. On the lower level, I’m thinking, is a good place to put Mid. From the upper level, one will be able to see through the sandstorm from above and thus have some tactical advantage.

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