Why Guild Wars 2 Run Power Over Condition In PvP/WvW

10 Sep

Let me know what AI builds are played at the upper levels of PvP. Virtually none, because they really aren’t that hard to defeat. AI builds have a low skill floor, but the skill ceiling is barely any higher because the player has such limited input. Once you figure out how to beat a newbie running AI, you’re 80-95% of the way toward beating a master of running an AI build.

Funnily enough, something similar is true with condition builds. People don’t seem to get that there are condition attacks that you should blind/block/dodge just the same as there are power attacks that you want to buy gw2 gold. Why? Because they don’t see a huge number pop up immediately when they get hit with the skill, so they don’t figure out that it is that skill that is getting them killed.

A lot of people also don’t understand that they don’t need to be totally condition-free to beat condition builds and will use their cleanses when they would be better saved.

This has nothing to do with condition builds being overpowered; they’re actually on the weaker end for PvP. It has to do with lower-skill players not understanding how to properly counterplay against a condition build. I’ve seen engineers take on condition necros with only Healing Turret for a cleanse, yet come out so far on top, the necro may as well have been a Veteran mob. Those engineers (by far in the minority, granted) knew exactly how to counterplay the necro and did so brilliantly.

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