Guild Wars 2 Extra Credits – F2P Is Currently Broken

05 Sep

hat’s not the whole point, that is just an example of a poor business model they gave. In an MMO continuous post-launch developement is an extremely important aspect of keeping people playing. Arenanet is focusing a vast majority of their efforts in keeping whales playing with gemstore stuff and new players coming in with marketing. They have no interest in keeping long-term players that might spend just 10 bucks every few months playing because the game is absolutely devoid of new endgame content ever since fractals got released, there’s no reason for a player that only buys a new skin every few months to keep playing the game after he or she has done everything. If they are really working towards a fun and challenging gameplay experience for everyone involved, they would be catering to people that actually want to play the game too, not just new players and casual players with a lot of extra cash.

Veteran players keep leaving because there’s nothing more to play. The only updates that have even remotely new gameplay are the story updates that pose absolutely no challenge and are just there to drive the story forward. You can’t even kill yourself in the story by jumping off a cliff, that’s how easy and casual-friendly that is. I got no objections in casual friendly stuff, keeping the story accessible is just fine, forgetting everyone else is not fine. Anyone that’s not part of their small little demographic of casual gamer with a lot of spare income is not getting any attention from the devs and this is driving the non-whale part of the playerbase away slowly. They are dependent on keeping new players coming in order for this game not to turn into a ghost-town for the whales, this is already happening however tinfoil-hat-apocalypse it might sound — just like described in the video.


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