How To Better Retain Your Lv80 Players In Guild Wars 2

01 Sep

In essence, as a community we have been running completely blind over the past year as to what exactly the direction of the game is and what is being done to address these end-game concerns.

This silence would more than acceptable, but this has coincided with some of the strongest gem store pushes including, but not limited to infinite harvesting tools, copper/silver-fed-salvage-o-matics, costumes, toys, and mini pets. You’re clearly dedicating resources to supporting the game and adding new content—especially with regard to the Living Story.

Are things like the FOTM loot table and Teq/Wurm rewards just not a concern for you? Because any time questions are raised about the direction of GW2’s end-game we’re met with nebulous non-speak that would even impress Peter Molyneux.

Now for the “it’s only been two years” argument, it’s true. It’s generally common that MMOs don’t really hit their stride until a few years into their life. It’s at that point the dedicated community is established and the developers have a good idea in mind of where they want to take the game. FFXI was a good game at launch (provided it was 1 year old when it reached the States), but it didn’t really enter into its prime until Chains of Promathia came out.

But the thing to keep in mind about all of this is that CoP built upon preexisting systems in FFXI. The Living Story S2 is entirely disconnected from fractals, dungeons, and even open world raiding. It all takes place in single-player instances and what open world content we’ve received is both (1) completely unrewarding for those working on legendaries and (2) does nothing to challenge or excite two-year veterans of the game.

What happened to stuff like Marionette and the Scarlet invasion? What happened to stuff like Flame & Frost? Super Adventure Box? S1 had a lot of negative stuff in it and the story was (imo) awful, but it also had some very good content that was engaging, fun, and challenging. You had to work with other players to succeed during LS1. In LS2 it’s all solitary. I don’t feel like I’m playing an MMO anymore.

And during the times that I do, like FOTM and Teq, I feel like I’m just being punished for guild wars 2 gold.

S2 is no where near as engaging kitten for this reason, even if the plot is better this time around. My guild has literally nothing to do in this game together anymore except Tequatl and Wurm, and that content is getting very old very fast due to aforementioned loot issues.

And while I’m more than happy with just walking away and taking a break until they add new stuff, I am beyond frustrated that some of my most dedicated guild members that step up every day still haven’t been rewarded for it.

I don’t know where the game is headed from here, but it would be nice if you took a few of these complaints under consideration and prevented more players from quitting the game and satisfying them, even if it is kinda too late for me.

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