Guild Wars 2 Elementalist:D/D Celestial Needs Nerf

26 Aug

anky warriors are getting nerfed. And this is good for the game in that its going to promote diversity in play style rather than a huge chunk of all teams just playing a bunch of tanks and not every team will take a warrior or even 2 warriors. The less powerful tanky builds optional in this game the more diversity we will see in spvp.

D/D celestial ele deserved this nerf just as much as warrior did. D/D cele ele will be the new thing every team has 1 of or even 2 of. It promotes boring passive gameplay while also limiting teams from playing the builds (both by being so powerful of an option you can’t take anything else, and by crushing other builds so hard that you shouldn’t take them) that have fun and active gameplay and it needs to go.

Some possible things to nerf:
Drakes Breath – This ability is an absolutely huge chunk of all the damage a d/d ele does

Lightning Whip – Stow Weapon Lightning whip gives around 600 hp a second with signet of restoration and does the same damage as it would without using stow weapon.

Battle sigil – Celestial amulet gives great survivability with rather poor damage. But once you stack might you get tons of power and condi damage. There are other tanky builds and celestial amulet builds for other classes like rifle engineer that also get pretty toxic and this could help fix that. Just strait up putting it at 2 might stacks(only in spvp if needed) rather than 3 might stacks would do a lot of good. Battle sigil is a big reason most tanky builds are able to buy gw2 gold that they do.

Overall the combination of battle sigil/celestial amulet and strength or hoelbrak runes by a class and spec that can utilize all of the stats well becomes too strong.

Nerfs to some of these 4 things would help bring d/d ele in line.

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