Guild Wars 2 Dev Challenge Monetary System Fixes

25 Aug

I would like first to say that GW2 is quite possibly the best MMO I play currently. I see live posts from the devs, which means you are interacting w/ the community, trying to deal w/ issues, and for the most part you guys deliver an awesome game.

However. The Monetary System. Legendaries, Ascendeds, Gold inflation and Gem Store.

These are problems for me, and for many players. Now, a friend of mine has this HUGE long involved rationale about Ascended items, and how they’re supposed to be a pinnacle achievement, supposed to be hard to make, etc. His explanation also includes a commentary on how Ascended items are supposed to be a “gold sink”.

Which takes me to my main point… gold inflation is OUT OF CONTROL IN GW2.

May or so of 2013. 100 gems cost around TWO GOLD. TWO. Right now 100 gems is about SIXTEEN GOLD. Way Too Much.

Which takes me back to Ascended items and Legendaries. Making these items Unavailable to sell in the Black Lion was a HUGE error. One of the very few you devs have made. This is your opportunity to FIX that error, and a few others, and at the same time, REMOVE scads of gold from the GW2 economy. Thus making it MORE valuable.

1) What should have been done is that a 20 to 30 % transaction fee should have been assessed to ALL Legendary and Ascended sales. In addition, this fee should have been applied to all sales of ascended materials. MASSIVE GOLD SINK.

2) Movement speed needs to be made into a separate statistic and then set up so players go to a vendor and BUY speed. Such purchases should be ACCOUNT wide, so as to prevent penalizing those of us w/ more than five players. I Recommend 5 gold for 10% speed increases, 15 additional gw2 gold for 25% speed increase, and another 30 gold for 33% speed increase. Total is 50 gold per player for the entire account. MASSIVE GOLD SINK.

2B) This system also Neatly solves the ONGOING problem of speed increases for mesmers and guardian. And levels the playing field for all the other classes. Everyone pays the same fees, all their toons move at the same speed, this is as fair and equitable as it can be.

3) Commander for WvW. Several changes here can absorb gold and provide benefit to the WvW community and to those of us who have paid 100 gold to wear the tag.

3B) Commanders need to be given several small special abilities. I suggest that they be keyed to having the commander tag active, or to the commander having at least 10 players in his “group”. Also, I recommend that at the very least players be given the ability to change the color of the commander tag. A few extra shapes would be nice as well. Charge a couple of gold for color/shape changes.

3C) Commanders need a “Drop waypoint” ability. That is, every 10-15 mins a commander w/ an active tag or large enough group can create a TEMPORARY waypoint. One that lasts 2-5 mins or so. Big help for WvWs, especially in the Mists. Charge an additional 30 – 50 gold to CURRENT commanders for this ability.

3D) Commanders need to have a small combat boost ability. Say 1-5% for players IN THEIR GROUP. So those players do 1-5% MORE damage on ALL attacks. Charge 5-10 gold for this.

3E) Commander price needs to go up to 200 gold. Institute all the changes above at the suggested prices and then tell the community that in a month or two that they will have to pay 100 gold to get them. Watch the rats scurry to buy the improvements more cheaply!

I hope to see all of these ideas implemented. I am SICK and TIRED of logging on and checking the Black Lion and seeing that I have to pay FIFTEEN or more gold for 100 gems. It’s ridiculous. It’s insane. And it’s one thing that makes this game UNfun for the casual player.

Admitting that you made a mistake on Ascended sales, implementing my suggested speed and commander changes will help ALL players have a little more fun and give ALL of them more buying power.



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