Why Aren’t Rangers Ever Wanted In Guild Wars 2

23 Aug

While certainly not the only class with problems, the Ranger really has had quite a poor showing in WvW in the past 2 years.

Part of the problem is the pets and spirits are literally useless in WvW due to all the AE spam that exists. Pets and spirits account for the overwhelming majority of utility available on the class. That said, even if they weren’t useless, the utility is provided in such an awkward way it’s really of limited value anyway.

In the upcoming patch we’re really not seeing much improve for the class. A slight burst increase on a weapon that is still quite poor and completely ineffective without fully traiting it. Pet traits are no longer going to be species specific, but pets are useless in anything but roaming.

So I ask… what could ANet possibly do to make commanders want to include Rangers in their groups? What could they do for the class to earn gw2 gold eu at least 1 spot on a 20v20 GvG?

None of what can be offered for argument toward ranger viability will remove the fact that ranger is balanced in consideration of its pet’s presence in play. That pet is an actor which must contribute and be controlled. It’s a bad idea to put the pet in the frontline, the same as you wouldn’t put ranger spirits there: they’d lose their utility too quickly.

As an ally actor involved in the GvG, is the pet AI going to follow correctly through a veil? Is the pet going to soak up boons intended for the group? Is the pet going to be on-point with shadowing the driver, or will it constantly be chasing your tail? Can the pet cast skills during it’s movement animations, or will it spend most of it’s life being an expensive damage sink?

Please note that 15v15 and 20v20 are both divisible by 5 because 5 is a full party, and 5 is used in composition building for things like boon up-times. The normal exception to that rule is the periphery “gank squad” of a 15, which can often total 1 to 3 players. However, if you’re noting that staff elementalists are also on the periphery, then that brings it back to about 5.

We all know about muddy terrain and healing spring. We know that the ranger has boon sources. Entangle would be awesome to have.



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