Guild Wars 2 Suggestion: Patch Notes/info In Login Screen

22 Aug

My suggestion is adding a small box in log in screen, similar like the news are now, but that would show the latest changes in game. I’ve seen it in other games, Diablo III for example.The same box could be used to notify players about any problems Anet is aware of that is going on. Like for example logging issues or trade post issues or like the latest apocalypse is coming issues.

This should release the pressure as people wouldn’t have to go dig that information, but also any patch notes would be very easy to check out.
Also that should release the amount of “My game isn’t working” -posts as you could easily just drop any information in a small box that you’re aware of on-going situation.

I know twitter is being used a lot for this type of communication between players, but adding this type of feature you can be certain that 100% of the people logging in game will get cheap gw2 gold.

It could be also used to remind players to use their Living Story specific resources before the merchant packs his bags and flies back to moon.The possibilities are endless.

Players can drop in comments their thoughts about this or what other purposes Anet could possibly add into log in screen or if you just feel like this is needed as I am, give it a thumb up.

I’m not sure if you’re thinking about “News” -section now, because at least I haven’t found a magical button to this section:
Guild Wars 2 —> Forums —> News and Info —> Game Release Notes + Thread
And on top of that not all the patches find their way there.

If you’ve found a button to get there, and a button for the secret patch notes as well, please share it with me.

As far as I know when you’re getting hammered by ddossing or otherwise servers are being stressed the last thing you want is everybody to stress them even more.

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