Arenanet Form Player Council For Feedback In Guild Wars 2

19 Aug

My self-summary

29-year old guild leader. Played GW since GW1 BWEs (though took a long break after Nightfall until GW2 BWEs). Played GW2 with tons of real-life friends until they quit 3 months after launch, only a few left. Spend more time in GW2 with girlfriend than we see each other outside of the game. Have made many new friends thanks to GW2 and am heavily invested in its future.

What I’m doing with my life

Working for a software company. Have a background in software engineering, though not specifically game development. Understand the limitations of resource prioritization, development challenges, mixing overall strategy with tactical changes to please userbase.

I’m really good at

Going between the customer and the engineers. Office Space had it right, you can’t just let the engineers talk to the customer.

The first things people usually notice about me

Altaholic. (Up to 10 toons now).

The six things I could not do without

Mesmer bug fixes.
Improved progression systems.
Regularly-scheduled additional permanent content.
More reasons to form guilds/communities.
Better balance of rewards across game modes.
Grumble cakes.

I spend a lot of time thinking about

Why doesn’t ArenaNet form a Players’ Council – a set of representatives from the community who actively play the game. Sign them to an NDA and get first-hand feedback about designs and plans. Not to necessarily guide long-term strategies (though it could serve that purpose as well), but to get gw2 gold eu from the community on plans when there is still time to change them.

You know, so we don’t keep getting 300g/color commander tags.

On a typical Friday night I am

WvW server reset meeting. Playing Fractals with my guild. Doing some WvW. Spending my time ignoring my real life friends and hanging with my guildies.

The most private thing I am willing to admit

I play this game like a second job. I put in my 40+ hours of regular work and about the same in GW2.

I’m looking for

Developers Aged 18-99

You should message me if

There’s anything I can do to help. Programmers know that it’s helpful to get a second pair of eyes to look at your code; sometimes the mistake will be instantly obvious to somebody else even if you’ve spent hours looking at it. This is why real news sources have editors: you need that second perspective.

I know the CDI was supposed to be this initiative, but opening it up to everybody presents two problems: too much feedback and the inability for developers to openly discuss potential future plans. This is why you need small groups and NDAs.

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