Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack September 2014

16 Aug

From basing this annoucnement, that they want to focus on PvP and WvW, i guess we might see some stuff that we suggested together in those PvP and WvW CDI’s.

But I just hope that we see something along the line of these things for WvW (I’m no PvP, so I can’t speak for their suggestions in the CDI, other than having general suggestions that might bring me to start PvPing)


  • Balance Patch Included, from the current Skill Bar Stuff peopel guessed already that this Balance Patch will come around September, so it would fit well to do both at the same time.
  • New PvP Mode – The Arena for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 Duels
  • New PvP Mode – The Codex (Play with an automatic random pregiven Class & Build, you don’t decise what you play the game decides with what you have to go into Combat each time new)
  • New PvP Mode – Island of the Survivor – 1v4, try to survive as long as possible, if the 4 can’t kill you before the time runs out, you win. The isle offers helpful utilities that make it for the single player a bit easier to fight against 4 players and it isn’t on the isle also always wise to go just all in on that 1 player to force the win, as the tide could turn very quickly if that player lays a deadly trap into that all run into.
  • New PvP Mode – All vs All Last Man Standing (basically like the Suvival Minigame, but just with the real GW2 Skills

Stuf like that is it, that PvP needs, it needs more gameplay alternatives, than this stale and boring always the same stuff, that it has now for 2 years.
Also the return of such things like Fort Aspenwood and that oher Jade thing PvP Combat Map from GW1 would be very nice (Maybe as some kind of new PvP Fractal Maps Why not make usage of the Fractal System also for PvP to create some new interesting PvP Maps where we all have to use also completely time and location/creature oriented new skills.


  • Comander System Redesign (Multi Color Comander Icons, more Options for the Commander to easier command its Squads, more usage of the Squad System in general
  • Adding the known yet not implemented WvW Skill Lines Reinforcement Mastery and assault Mastery, raising some of the current Skill Lines to have also 10 Perks, merging some of gw2 gold .
  • Adding hopefully Class Role Skill Lines, class specific WvW Skill Lines, that improve the roles of each class for WvW, so that every class is somehow different special and useful for WvW, like Thieves becoming better Infiltrators, Saboteurs and Rogues that can get easier intel about Enemy Locations, Plans and so on by espionaging them, sabotaging their Siege Weapons from Stealth and so on
  • Implementing some of the EotM improves to all the other WvW Maps, like improved Enemies with better A.I and Skills, more new traps (including Trap Mastery WvW Skill line to unlock them and improve their usage, so that they become more useful and important in WvW.
    Eventually going please perhaps so far to redesign the Borderlands into 1 single big map and giving WvW another new Map, 3 times the same map is just waste of space, 3 different maps on the otherhand are fun and interesting.
  • Finally for gods sake please redesign the WvW Achievements and lower them down to a SANE level.
  • Change of the WvW Point System to make Matches a bit fairer.
  • Splitting of the Supply System into 4 different Supply Types, so that WvW gets more strategetical important thigns that you want to have to get your thinfs done and to give killing creatures in WvW also a MEANING
    Supply becomes: Food, Natural Ressources (Water, Ore, Wood), Energy Crystals and Material (which you receive out of your Natural Ressources from Manufactures, which become a new type of stronghold upgrade.
    And killing creatures liek Deers, Dolyaks, Wolves and such mike finalyl a sende, because you get FOOD (their meat …)

That are things for now which would greatly improve the WvW experience for me.



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