What Is Balance Team Doing With Their Time In Guild Wars 2?

14 Aug

Since we get balance patches every 6 months or so and they include changes that take less than a month to come up with and create, I can’t help but to wonder what are they doing in the 5 months between the patches? Are they laid off or something?

I’m not trying to be snarky or disrespective or anything but the amount of changes we get in balance patches doesn’t warrant months and months of completely skewed balance especially in PvP. We haven’t even gotten new skills, mechanics or professions in the two years the game has been out to mix things up and possibly draw time from the balance team. We got new traits, majority of which are unviable or just too deep in the trait trees to ever be useful, generosity rune is blatantly overpowered and highly inaccessible in PvE/WvW, the meta stagnates in a few weeks after a balance patch because the game has so few moving parts the optimal builds are found extremely quickly. The game doesn’t have much depth or mechanics required so the gap between skill floor and skill ceiling is downright claustrophobic.

Two years from launch and conditions are still unviable in PvE
Healing power still has no use in PvE
Zerking is the optimal PvE build assuming you can reflect/dodge roll
Mob AI has never been returned to beta weekend quality
Condition spamming is cancer killing the ‘esports’ in this game
Meta builds are all about eliminating counterplay

And don’t give me any of that ‘dont be entitled’, ‘do it yourself then’, ‘you dont have to play the game’, ‘lol ur just bad balance is fine’ garbage. There’s no need to shill when someone is asking a legitimate question about something that affects the enjoyability and longevity of the game for majority of the players. And honestly balancing isn’t nearly as hard as they make it ought to be, creating healthy gameplay isn’t too out of the whack either if you are a paid professional or at least someone who plays video games sometimes. Stuff like “Incendiary Powder” engineer trait is blatantly overpowered with burn & condition duration. It’s not that hard to see if you sometimes play the kitten game you are making gw2 gold eu.

Anyhow, I’m just baffled where all the time goes and in how disgusting state the balance is in this game.



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