Dragon’s Reach Part 2 In Guild Wars 2

13 Aug

Well color me impressed again. Anet is actually returning to the respectable company they were during Guild Wars 1’s run, and I applaud them for that.

A shorter season, but with more content in each episode, means that those that miss the full season won’t be paying out the wazoo for it when it’s all over as they wuold if it had as many episodes as Season 1, the breaks give Anet ample time to work on a polished release of the next half of the season and beyond, and it just seems to work out well over all for both developer and consumer.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s still some things I feel they need to take a long, hard look at (the heavy monitziation of the wardrobe feature, for example), but Season 2 is proving that Anet is going back on the right track, so I’m crossing my fingers and staying cautiously optimistic that they may yet make up for gw2 gold they did from the game’s launch and throughout Season 1 to their integrity as a developer.

It’s also possible that they decided to divorce new dungeons from the story.

Like, perhaps they implement a new dungeon for each new complete zone, dry top being the first, but the dungeon doesn’t have much to do with the main storyline. Say, for instance, the dry top dungeon focuses on helping the magumma centaurs deal with some inquest or something.

They could also use dungeons to build unimportant characters, like maybe going with job-o-tron to save bloomanoo and peneloopee from the skritt queen or something (which would be the most adorable dungeon ever).

The EOTN dungeons mostly worked this way, in that each dungeon was its own self contained story that wasn’t necessary to enjoy or understand the main storyline, but was still related in some way to the world around it. The GW2 main dungeons are kinda similar in that they tell a separate side story of DE (until you have to do arah for the personal story, which a lot of people don’t agree with).

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