Unique Mechanics of the Thief In Guild Wars 2

12 Aug

As I mentioned earlier; Thief does not have cooldowns on any weapon skills, so to speak. We have a resource called Initiative. This regenerates slowly, so it is very important for a Thief to manage this resource. A Thief with no initiative is usually a dead Thief. What makes this stand out is that because of initiative we can spam the weapon skill that we find most useful in that particular situation. What is also very important to remember is that initiative is shared between weapon sets. This means that a Thief can’t burn his initiative with his daggers and then swap to shortbow and have a fresh bar of initiative, it have to regenerate in its own pace.
There are some traits and a sigil that help regenerating initiative.

The base Initiative are 12, but can be traited to 15.

This skill was very under-appreciated in the early days of the Thief. It was however used with the Mug trait to help land some sick bursts with backstab. Mug was later nerfed so that it now heal the Thief and can’t critically hit any more. Not long after did we receive a buff to the trait Sleight of Hand; It now dazes and reduces the Steal cooldown. This was where the current PvP dagger / pistol and sword / pistol meta build appeared.

What this skill do is to shadowstep to the targeted enemy and “steal” a skill from it. I won’t call it stealing, rather making a skill available in its place. Every profession has their own stolen skills, and here they are:

  • Thief – Blinding Tuft. A stealth ability with an AoE blind. This one is amazing! Stealth is one of our strongest survival mechanics, and having an extra stealth at no cost is always good.
  • Mesmer – Consume Plasma. Gain all boons. Let me read that again for you; gain all(!) boons! This skill alone (which you got for free) improves your damage, critical chance, speed, reduce damage taken, a free block and doubles the rate of which your endurance regenerates – just wow!
  • Ranger – Healing Seed. An AoE skill that works as a Water combo field, heal and removes conditions on the thief and his allies. Awesome indeed.
  • Elementalist – Ice Shard Stab. Very little damage from this ability, but the 10 second chill is really why you want gw2 gold. Getting chilled for 10 seconds is very deadly to most professions and need to be cleaned very fast.
  • Guardian – Mace Head Crack. Not much damage from this either, but the 4 second daze is pretty amazing. You have 4 seconds to do what you want! /sit anyone?
  • Necromancer – Skull Fear. A free AoE fear? Yes please! See that cliff over there?
  • Engineer – Throw Gunk. You throw gunk at the target area (either yourself or your target). The gunk pulses for 5 seconds, deal some damage and applies a random condition with each pulse. It is also an Ethereal combo field.
  • Warrior – Whirling Axe. Now this is a damage utility! You spin around dealing moderate damage with each hit, for 15 hits – AoE! On top of this you can evade while spinning, it reflect projectiles and is a Whirl combo finisher! Activating this ability in a Smoke combo field in a group / outnumbered fight will render the entire enemy team useless while you deal heavy damage. This is without question my favorite stolen skill.


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