Guild Wars 2 Dungeons And Inflation

06 Aug

Wages (whether farming open world or dungeons) are not necessarily tied to inflation. Other factors matter significantly. You can increase wages considerably and have low inflation. You can have stagnant wages and high inflation. You can have high wages and high inflation.

Inflation is a measure of prices. Prices are controlled by supply and demand. The prices of high demand low supply items have indeed gone up. Low demand high supply items unsurprisingly have not. Wages do come into the demand section, since ability to buy guild wars 2 gold for a low supply item will cause a price to rise.

In the real world, we have necessities: food, shelter, energy. These are mandatory purchases. There is a minimum of supply that MUST be consumed and demanded. This means that there is at some point a limit to savings. The rate of savings cannot hit 100% of income, even if we experienced hyper-deflation. In Guild Wars 2, there are no necessities. Wealthy players can and do hoard their income. They produce no Demand in the economy because they spend only a tiny fraction of their income on anything.

I suspect that the gold supply among active players is increasing enormously. I personally have several thousand gold with nothing that interests me to spend it on. I know I am not alone. It isn’t unreasonable that is Anet was to introduce Legendary Armor, or another set of highly desireable Legendary Weapons that many players who have enormous savings would be tempted to spend. The prices of t6 mats, despite what many will tell you, have been fairly stable over long periods. If there are new legendaries announced in some future patch, you will see what instability looks like. What happens when 2,000 very wealthy players all want to make “the new legendaries” all at the same time? Well, good luck to any semi-casual player who has any interest in buying t6 mats for any other purpose.

When t6 mats explode in price due to new legendaries, so will exotic weapons. Guess what happens if exotic weapons skyrocket in price? Yup, precursors will skyrocket too.

Conclusion: hoard t6 now, buy your precursor now if there is a current legendary that you want. Retained wealth will devour current income if and when new legendaries are announced. Oh and I hope anet has good bot detection, because if t6 mats hit 1.5g each you’ll see a lot of rangers running around cursed shore.

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