New To Dungeons In Guild Wars 2

01 Aug

Hi. I’m a relatively fresh 80, and i’m looking to get into running dungeons. Yet a lot of things are new to me, and so far, running dungeons in general seems a difficult to get into and often hostile environment to step into.

I’m not the most experienced player. I’ve found a playstyle that works for me, and i’m really starting to understand what stats to take above others. (Namely berserkers.) But honestly, I have no idea about some of the nuances of running the dungeons, the paths, or what to expect upon entering a group through the lfg system. (Every group wants someone with experience, and I don’t know where to go to get guild wars 2 gold.)

Is there any group I could run with to get the hang of things? To learn how to properly tackle dungeons, and what to do in certain parts of it?

Join any group and just tag along with them. If you see them bunch up into a corner, do the same and walk ALL the way into the stack. Being out of stack prevents the boss from completely entering the stack and could potentially mess up the encounter. Some good things to have: condition removal, projectile blocks or reflection skills. Once you get better at the dungeon you’ll learn what to bring or not. Also, have a weapon set for good aoe cleaving and another for solo dps on the boss.

While in a stack, never ever EVER use fear or knockback skills. Never pull anything and let the leader do the pulling. Usually it’s the bossy person speaking in chat.

Dodges, always use them.

Rule #1, when the group is stacking, stack.
Rule #2, when the group is avoiding (skipping mobs), avoid them too because you probably will not be able to kill them alone.
Rule #3, never let your teammates out of your sight, if they suddenly disappear, press “m” to see what waypoint they used and follow along.

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