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Guild Wars 2 New WvW Map: Farmfest Castle

I often hear complaints about how EoTM degenerated into a farmest, and how that is Toxic to the WvW community… Well, why not embody that idea instead?

Here is my suggestion: A WvW Map dedicated entirely to farming.

In the center of the map is a castle where a TON of events and champions spawn, for a farm worth about 15-20g/hour. The twist is that 3 different servers must compete over control of this area, and the longer it is held, the higher the rewards. In other words, servers are rewarded for their skill.

Surrounding the castle are many different forts, which the controlling server must defend and reinforce in order to prevent the enemies from reaching the controlled castle.

In addition, the events themselves would require Supply in order to farm, such as a Champion Seige Golem who is only vulnerable when struck with a Ballista, or a Bone Wall we need rams to destroy. Some events naturally promote using an Arrow Cart when tons of mobs spawn.

In order to get the supply which the farming events need so much, the zerg controlling the castle would have to travel back and forth between the castle and an area within their forts containing a supply camp. However, enemies are able to capture this camp as well, essentially cutting off supply to the castle and starving them of supply needed to farm, giving the invaders a chance to defeat the castle defenders.

Capturing the castle itself is no easy task. The map would be mostly linear and comprised of mostly narrow passageways which intentionally provokes the 2 enemy server to cross paths and fight each other. In other words, the invading servers would not only worry about capturing forts from the castle-defenders, but also from the other invaders.

As a reward for both capturing and defending, players get to farm champion boxes, karma, t6 mats, and gw2 gold.

I believe a “farm”-map like this would greatly reward players for working together with smart tactics and commanding, while also engaging them with skill-based combat against other players.

In addition, it would also allow ANET to turn the Edge of the Mists into a more “serious” game mode, while making Farmfest Castle into the dedicated “farming” map, which Edge of the Mists currently is.

I think it would also serve as a great bridge between WvW and PvE players, since it combines gameplay of both gametypes.

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Guild Wars 2 Suggestion: Home Instance Stories/Quests

would suspect this or something like it has probably been suggested before, but here goes anyway.

How about some (drumroll) Adventures Between the Adventures? Epilogues to the Personal Story. Sidesteps on the Pathway of Life. Uh. You get cheap gw2 gold. Set in our characters’ back yards, so to speak.

These stories/quests wouldn’t have to be anything particularly innovative or fancy, no need for epic boss fights or dungeon-worthy team coordination, just plain old simple quests that offer a way for our characters to have more interaction with friends and family and associates from their Personal Stories and adventures abroad.

For humans, we might have some adventures with our character’s sister, or those circus guys, or maybe we could follow up on corruption in the Seraph. For asura, we might do wild and crazy experiments with our krewe. For charr, we might get out in the field again with our warband. And so on, and so forth.

For new characters, these quests could become available as the character progresses. Ideally, they could scale with the character’s level.

For advanced characters, some of these quests might be presented in the form of flashbacks, and some might be all-new, all-different adventures featuring the above-mentioned friends, families, etc., that may range far and wide but still be tied to what’s happening ‘at home’.

More stories/quests could be added periodically. Throw in some achievements/titles, of course. These stories/quests could also provide various and sundry personal touches to the home instances, maybe in the form of changes to various buildings, NPCs coming and going or getting married or taking up knitting or whatever. For example, maybe an outcast tengu you found sleeping in an alley could, with your help, fulfill his dream of opening his own shoe store, and become a permanent resident in your home instance.

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