Give all Weapons also Main Hand Skills In Guild Wars 2?

25 Jul

With this Suggestion are meant the Torch, the Shield, the Focus and the Warhorn.Weapons, which currently can be used only as offhand weapon in the right hand.Its a huge weapon skill design flaw, to make these weapons only useable as offhand weapons.
These 4 weapons should be also useable for all classes, which ckittene these weapons as a mainhand weapon, so that you can deal also with these weapons some serious damage to get easier with them the killing blows.

Getting fir the Weapon master Achievement of these 4 weapons is due to this skill design discrepancy a real pain in the kitten and it should be done somethign about this.Yes, changign this bad situation would mean to implement a few new weapon skills, but that effort should it be really worth it so that the overall game makes more fun and there then beign also a bigger chance, that those weapons getting more used also by players. Here are some Skills Suggestions for how you could make those 4 weapons more interesting for the classes, which ckittene those 4 weapons.

Lets start with the Shield


1) Tackle > Shield Uppercut > Body Slam
Hit your foe with a fast Tackle of your Shield, followed by an Uppercut to cause Bleeding ending in a poweful leaping Body Slam holding your Shield as protection in front of you, causing the foe to get cheap gw2 gold.

2) Shielderang
Throw your Shield like a boomerang, hitting all foes in line of it and also in the line of it, when it returns to you. Causes with each hit vulnerability. Range: 700

3) Backhand Bash
Turn your upper body quickly aroud by 90° to hit all targets in that angle in frotn of you and to knock back a target with the Shield Bash that stands behind you.


1) Reflector Strike
Attack your foe with the shield and if you receive in that tiem self damage, a part of the received damage will be dealt extra to the foe that you currently attack.

2) Radiant Shield
Reflect the Light with your Shield to create a Ray of Light to attack with it your foes, causes Blinding. Range 1200

3) Valiant Defender
Block attacks and get healed whenever you block an attack with this Skill and gain a random Boon


1) Rusty Bash
Hit your foe with your shield, causing randomous conditions among poison, bleeding, weakness or torment.

2) Barrier Device
Activate a Barrier Field Turret that holds only for a few seconds and automatically exlodes after its duration is over. Using this Skill causes also your Utility Skill Turrets to receive Protection in that time. In the time that Barrier Field is up, enemies can’t enter that Barrier Field, but you alos can’t leave it. The Barrier Field will absorb Projectiles, but not Ground Target Skills that damage from the ground, like Marks for example.

3) Explosive Bash
You rush towards your fow with some dynamite on the frotn of your Shield, lettign it explode on touch with your foe, cause you to knock your target back and cause at the spot of collision an AoE Explosion that causes burning.



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