Guild Wars 2 WvW Trap Ranger

17 Jul

I was thinking of replacing the Undead Runes with Traveler Runes so that I could drop Signet of the Hunt for either a stun break (Lightning Reflexes) or another trap however I am concerned about the loss of toughness, loss of ~300 condition damage and the loss of pet speed would hurt the build too much. Thoughts? This build is mostly for solo or small group roaming in WvW.

Secondly, I recently bought the new Dry Top Chef Recipe Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Beans that gives you +40 Condition Duration and 33% chance to leech Health on critical hit and was wondering if anyone else had good results with this food? I would lose 70 condition damage that my currently Koi Cakes give me but the life leech might be worth it.

The first thing is to absolutely 100% swap Sharpened Edges for Flame Trap. Geting guild wars 2 gold every 45 seconds is nothing compared for even 2-3 ticks of burning every 12s, and with projectile finishers you should be getting a lot more than 2-3 ticks even if they avoid the field.

In regards to Traveler Runes and Stunbreaker.. Yeah it’s a pain. For me, I went for it and took Traveler Runes and then took LR as a stunbreaker (sometimes swapping to SoR if I am up against a particuarly good condi player). The condition damage lost is noticable but not crippling, and in my opinion is well worth it.

I’ve been using the new food on my trap build and I’d say it’s good, worth it over Koi Cakes, but not absolutely revolutionary or nessesary. They heal for ~330 with a 1s ICD. Overall with a 50% crit chance you’ll be procing it every 6 or so hits (purely an average, obviously it can vary greatly) which turns out to mean you proc it every 4-6 seconds. So 330 healing every 5s (very roughly) is 66 HP/S.

So yeah, if you’re up for paying for them they are well worth using, but if not then don’t worry too much.



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