Warriors Can Have Good Escaping Mobility In Guild Wars 2

14 Jul

Warriors can have good escaping mobility if they choose to prioritize that.

However, most Warrior weapons are very lacking in mobility. Axe MH without a Warhorn, Mace MH without a Warhorn, Hammer, Rifle, Longbow. That leaves you with 8 combinations that have some kind of mobility. Out of those 8, 2 only have “mobility” in the sense of having access to permanent Swiftness. Out of the last 6, 4 have just 4 mobility skill in the form of Savage Leap.

Are you seriously complaining about two weapon sets on a Warrior having good mobility when there’s 11 that have none whatsoever?

It really puzzles me why these people seem to think that a character being able to run away from them instead of dying is somehow a bad thing. Them running away is basically them admitting that they lost to you. Heck, running away in WvW makes plenty of sense because if you get stomped it can mean a very long trip to get back to where you were.

What needs to get done with Warrior to nerf their mobility, without nerfing it to death.
The answer is simple:

1) Remove that 25% Movement Speed Trait and change it into a Signet Passive from Signet of Stamina.The old passive effect of Signet of Stamina gets reworked into its active effect.Instead of curing all conditions, that Signet should only cure Poison, Cripple, Weakness, and Vulnerability and regenerate endurance half back to full.

2) Exchange the GS Skill Spots of Bladetrail and Whirlwind Attack, so that Bladetrail will be the attack on spot 3 with 10 Cooldown Time and Whirlwind Attack being on spot 4 with 15 seconds of Cooldown Time

3) Move the Master Trait Mobile Strikes into the Grandmaster Category and move therefore the Trait Brawler’s Recovery into the Master Trait Category

4) Change Rush into a Skill, which can be only activated, if you have an enemy target, so that it can be used only to engage quickly into a fight to get fast into melee combat range, what is the REAL sense behind of this skill as a friggin GAP CLOSER!

With these 4 changes, warriors would be far more balanced in regard of mobility and at the place, where they should be as one of the more slower classes, but therefore most tanky, most healthy and powerful classes on the other hand with gw2 gold, than guardians, but overall same as slow as them, unless you actually sacrifice some serious power or toughness for your extra mobility optimization through Mobile Strikes and permanent faster movement +25%, if you don’t want to use Runes of the Traveler, like Engineers or Guardians have to do also, if they want to run permanently 25% faster.

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