Nightmare Wallet for Alt-players Gold In Guild Wars 2

08 Jul

For the above reasons, some (possibly many, but at least me and alt-players I know) alt-players use gold on a per-character basis.

  • Some require each of their characters to “earn” their own gold for whatever you want to buy for them (be it armor, weapons, or costumes). Particularly for those who play many alts, and are working towards goals with two or more of them simultaneously.
  • Some track how much they play a character, and how profitable that character’s usual activities are to them by how much gold they’ve earned with them.
    Some who want characters to fund their own needs (like armor, etc – and yes, this is desirable to some of us!), will lend gold between their own characters the same way you might lend gold to a friend. Then pay back the character the gold came from before that character is allowed to purchase other things (like armor skins, gems, dye, minis, etc)
  • For role players, specific wealth levels are sometimes kept on a character to reinforce that character’s role. Such as, I have (in other games, but not this one actually) characters that are supposed to be poor, thus their gold is dumped into a bank (or sent to another character), to reinforce the IC illusion of “this character has little wealth”.
  • For role players, individual character wealth (and its growth) is sometimes used IC. Specifically for characters who are not simply “rich”. (Ex. Noble characters are often simply rich, and thus ignore actual guild wars 2 gold. Merchant or Adventurer characters will sometimes use actual gold to describe business as going well/poorly.)
  • When you play many characters, you require more gold – to get each set up properly (armor, weapons, etc). So while you may have 100g, you need to use it to build up 3, 4, 5, etc characters. Compare to the person who only plays, and thus needs to build up, one character. When you see 100g sitting all together you feel like you’ve got some cash! … And are more apt to blow it on something silly. When you see 2-30g here and there, you know where you really stand: Sadly poor. And blowing a sizable portion of your total wealth on something becomes much more intentional, when you have to actually move the wealth into one place to even spend on something pricey.
  • Yes, I really did just say above that 120g on 2 characters (which you play equally, and neither is created for the sole benefit of advancing the other) is less than 100g on one character.
  • Since crafting updates were announced to be coming later this year, I am extremely concerned about tracking cost for leveling each one. Leveling a craft over a few days or weeks is much easier to track the cost of if it only effects one character’s gold. Additionally, if this is going to cost me a substantial sum of gold (I’d rather count on that and be surprised than the other way around), that’s easier to stomach if I see a few characters’ low wealth become no wealth, than when I see a couple hundred gold become half or less of what it was.

I realize that gold being in the wallet and thus tracked by account and not at all by character will not be changed back. Even if it was changed back, the damage is already done (since I assume the gold would be chucked into the bank and every character would have 0g0s0kittenil the bank gold was redistributed) unless alt-players start tracking their individual characters’ wealth by hand (and remembered to write it down before or as the gold was added to the wallet).
But that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a terrible change, and inconsiderate to those who want to manage or track their wealth while actively playing more than one character.



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