Guild Wars 2 Is A Position

07 Jul

I logged in today to witness the sandstorm in Dry Top for the first time.While a very small part of Guild Wars 2, it feltsuperbly awesome.

I get the feeling that if Arena Net implemented Dynamic Environments, it would further complete the game and hold its place for years to come.Actually, what I’m about to post here is a bit different from just Dynamic Environments.Creating a world of Adventure in Tyria. Take a further step from traditional systems of old MMOs.

For example, making the open world dangerous.This is the most overlooked feature of any open world, and is mostly ignored.All enemies can be seen from far, far away. If there are a group of hostiles, most ignore you while you hack their buddies to death.Everything except a select few types of mobs (champions) are easy to kill. They are playthings against your mighty sword or bow.

Everything feels static.
Guild Wars 2 is a position where these kinds of things should (I hope) further support their view of what I believe is “a living, breathing world”.So, a small picture:Imagine Jormag. About 50 people doing it, lovely. What if there was a blizzard? It’s harder to see, your view distance and ability to target far away has been decreased greatly. Your character is losing HP slowly and moves a little bit slower.

What if it was night time and just absolutely POURING in… Eternal Battlegrounds? Commanders would have to take into account weather conditions. Less visibility, puddles that form across the land that can be used as water fields. Dynamic Environments. What if lightning strikes a tree (for gathering), destroys it, and makes a small fire field around while the broken part will deal 15k+ damage when it lands on people in a random direction?

Dynamic Environment Conditions, or DEC for short. I believe this is the last piece of the game that the open world is missing, and would complete it, at least in terms of having a living, breathing world.

It consists of three things: Weather, Light, and Habitual.Weather is straight forward. It’s raining. It’s snowing. There’s a sandstorm. There’s a heat wave. These add a constant condition for a long time that players in that zone need to deal with. Mechanically, it doesn’t do much. Maybe visibility and target range is reduced, but visually, it would be amazing. Mobs would have a lower aggro range at night than day?

Light. Is it day time, morning, night? Again, with visibility. Imagine Frostgorge sound: Its nightime, and there’s a blizzard brewing. How awesome would it be to go around doing the champion train like that?

Habitual. What if the champion train could only be done in 1 zone, which changes, every day? Meaning, you can’t go to queensdale and just train your way to easy gw2 gold. You’d need people to scout the world, find the champions, set up, then do it that way. Of course, changes in champion mob spawns would have to change for certain areas. And every day, it might be a different scenario as well.

One day, the train is in Kessex Hills doing their regular train. Sometime next week, the train is back in Kessex Hills again, but its raining, and its super dark. The next time, it might be just dark, normal, in the morning with a mist, etc. Sometimes its in Dredgehaunt, where the sun is shining down and everyone has a movement speed buff. But another time, there’s a heavy blizzard slowing down everyone’s movement, which applies a blindness that lasts 10 seconds, every 10 seconds.

Having the same environment, but in a different condition, is important in keeping a world alive. You don’t even need to update it. This kind of thing will last forever and could liven up old content without actually changing it.



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