Guild Wars 2 Rune

23 Jun

People in this thread seem to forget that there is a cost for runes, there isn’t a rune vendor for karma anywhere in the game so if you want to get superior runes of a certain type you’ll need guild wars 2 gold even if you are a maxed out crafter with multiple alts the cost of mats is high.

If you get karma gear, keep in mind you won’t end up with a full set if you’re trying to do what some professions require you to do and that is min/max a certain stat. You have to gather the gear from multiple karma vendors in temples throughout Orr often each with different superior runes on them. It doesn’t take long to get enough karma for the sets.Some people have suggested getting the karma gear pieces with the same rune, I haven’t tried this personally but this doesn’t guarantee that you will get a useful runestone set for your gear either. Some runes are not on the karma gear so you might not be able to get a good rune set for free (karma) for your purpose.

Some people have suggested getting the jewelry boxes in Orr and opening enough of those up until you have enough lodestones to make your own runes. RNG is never fun especially when it’s something you’re trying hard for and running a dungeon where leetists will ban you for trying to get gear is not fun either. So there’s no easy solution here honestly.

The thing that makes this the worst is that they know these are loot issues players face now but didn’t have at launch. They know that people can’t simply farm the T6 mats they need to make these item sets so there’s guarantee there that people will eventually look at the TP for help only to find that some items have been raised (not lowered as some falsely claim) to crazy price levels since the T kitten till so easily manipulated to this day

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