What is actually Guild Wars 2 PvP?

18 Jun

Player versus Player commonly known as PvP is a game mode where a player plays in competiting gaming against other real players – opposite to co-operative Player versus Environment (PvE).

To ensure that the game is balanced in PvP modes it uses the same established game mechanics as it does in PvE and some individual skills and traits are adjusted for PvP for the same reason. There is one mechanic that is available in PvP modes and not in other modes and that is finishing of downed players – the finish puts player to the defeated state.

Guild Wars 2 offers something for everyone as does in PvP – let’s take a look at what game modes are available for users to play.

Game modes in GW 2

There are more than enough options for everyone to choose what they want to play – GW2 offers serious PvP modes such as World vs. World and more fun modes such as costume brawl, keg brawling,… for players who still enjoys to play versus other players, but with a sweet taste of satisfying your inner fun side.

  • World vs. World – on of the most serious modes is certainly WvW where players get same maximum level of 80, but using their own unlocked skills, custom equipment and traits they compete in massive and breath-taking battles between hundreds of players in open world.
  • Structured PvP – in structured mode all players have top notch PvP equipment and access to all of their traits and skills.
  • Activities – players have access to fixed build of abilities and skills.
  • Conquest – the mission is to seize and capture points of maps for your team and get additional points for defeating players from other team. There are additional elements that is unique to a set conquest map like powerful NPCs.
  • Costume Brawl – a fun competition where players use special tonics and take form and skills of another creature and gain ability to fight other that are participating in Costume Brawls.
  • Keg Brawl – a special Norn sport available to all the players in the city of Hoelbrak which contains kegs of ale and lots of brawling just like basketball.
  • Crab Toss – a game available in Southsun Cove where the winner is the player who can hold the crab for the longest time.

PvP rewards in GW2

PvP rewards are special weapons, consumables and armours that are usable in Structured PvP mode. You can get those rewards from reward chests in PvP or craft them at the Mystic Forge.

You can craft PvP rewards by salvaging PvP components with a PvP Salvage kid and combining them at the Mystic Forge. Reward chests can be bought with glory, earned from achievement chest, winning the PvP tournaments

or attained by reaching a new PvP rank (by getting to a new big rank player unlocks a new tier of reward chests). There are three variations of armors and weapons you can get from chests:

  • common sets – available in all chests from rank you currently have,
  • uncommon sets gathered from silver chests and
  • rare sets – gathered from gw2 gold chests.
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