Is the Boss Blitz Scaling Fair In Guild Wars 2?

16 Jun

Recently, some hard numbers to the Boss Blitz bosses have been dug out by the user Wethospu_ on Reddit. He discovered that the scaling is a direct equivalent of more people means more health for the boss. People who deal damage to the boss are immediately giving that boss 20% more health and are expected to be able to deal that damage in order to reach the best reward.

This is an issue that I don’t think enough players are paying attention to. If you are a player who has been upleveled to be able to compete, and are in masterwork gear, can you be expected to be able to deal that damage and be able to go up against these boss mechanics? Maybe you are a player that is in full exotic Giver’s gear – there is someone out there – can you deal that damage you need to do? In order to go for the best possible reward you are expected to meet some degree of output or you are just adding more weight to a boss. This extra health, that a player can’t meet for some reason or another within seven minutes, will cause others will have to make up for and therefor take more time.

He details how berserker is the most efficient setup and that everything else is a viable alternative. In a world where most PvE content can be defeated with zero defense, then having more defense is merely a preference to match your play style and ability. This is true in almost all cases except for content that is focused on high-end play like Triple Trouble or Fractals of the Mists where high-end gear and specific builds are a necessity. Those two examples are designed to be appealing for those aspects of high-end gameplay whereas Boss Blitz was never even mentioned to be this hardcore challenge for the most prepared to overcome.

The problem becomes clear that Boss Blitz is this strange outlier that specifically takes away from the “play how you want” style but isn’t expected to be this difficult challenge that only the best can overcome. However it is the only part of gameplay, that I can think of, that will uplevel a level one character to level eighty and still demand them to meet a scaling challenge such as this. This event can be done by anyone but only the truly prepared will be able to get guild wars 2 gold.

There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with the prepared getting the best rewards. That is a reward style I can entirely agree with if that is what they want it to be. If they want to make this content break the mold of what we’ve come to expect of high level gameplay then the guys at ArenaNet should certainly play up that aspect more. Tell us it is a challenge that all can access and get rewarded but only the prepared will see the best of those rewards.

If that isn’t the intention, and we’re just denying a person the ability get a fair reward purely because they aren’t built to be the type that hits for X amount of damage within Y amount of time, then the mechanic isn’t working as intended. Forcing a person to build a certain way to get the best reward is a flawed intention for an aspect of the game that is accessible by any skill or equipment level. That will only achieve frustration and a further dividing elitism within the community.

What’s your opinion on the Boss Blitz scaling? Is it fair for the reward or unfair for what it requires? Tell us your thoughts.

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