3 things every Guild Wars 2 Farmer needs to know

14 Jun

There are 3 things every Guild Wars 2 Farmer needs to know about before farming anything.

Diminishing Returns

Diminishing Return (DR) – there is DR on loot farming and Arena Net has yet to release the official algorithm for the DR and what we’ve been able to figure out so far is that:

  • Supposedly, you can only farm a certain mob for an hour in that specific location. Once the hour is up, move to another location and mob. This hour also varies depending on how quickly the mobs are pwned. Please note that none of this is confirmed with Arena Net and most likely will never be. We cannot verify if DR resets at 0:00 GMT or if it resets after moving to another area, we just know DR exists and you can only farm in a location for an hour; however, we don’t know if it’s 1 hour per day or 1 hour, take a break and go at it again.
  • It seems DR resets at 0:00 GMT, maybe.
  • Magic Find boosters do not aid in preventing DR.
  • Reports have been posted that you can pwn approximately 300 mobs of one type and then move to mobs of a different type in the same area and will not be affected by DR.

Please note all the above information is reported by other players and we have no proof or knowledge if this is actually fact, but we do know DR does exist.

Magic Find

Magic Find (MF) – this is an account bonus and increases the chance for higher quality loot. Magic Find only affects loot from pwned mobs and NOT chests, containers, etc.

  • For the first 500 Achievement Points, Magic Find is increased by 1%.
  • After the first 500 Achievement Points, Magic Find is increased 1% every 2,500 Achievement Points.
  • At 5,000 Achievement Points an additional 1% Magic Find is granted and every 5,000 Achievements Points following.
  • Filling the Luck Bar will increase Magic Find by 1%. Salvage Fine and Masterwork Equipment as well as Globs of Ectoplasm for Essences of Luck and consume them.
  • Because of DR it is best to use only 1 Magic Find Booster per farming location session because you will waste the 2nd due to timing.
  • Magic Find is capped at 300%.
  • Salvaging Globs of Ectoplasm as well as blue and green items yield “Luck” which when consumed increases MF.
  • Consumables increase MF.
  • Boosters increase MF.
  • MF is account-wide – it affects all toons/account.

Farming Locations and Respawns

Ores, herbs, and wood at lower levels are in the same place all the time. Orichalcum, Ancient Sapling, Snow Truffle and higher level items move locations; they will be in the same zone but in a different spot in that zone.

Respawn Rates:

Resource nodes respawn within a few hours at that same location except the items below.

  • Orichalcum – node locations are randomly generated for each server. You can only mine a node one per day per server, approximately a 23 hour respawn.
  • Ancient Sapling – node locations are randomly generated for each server. You can only mine a node one per day per server, approximately a 23 hour respawn.
  • Rich Mineral Veins – approximately 23 hours.
  • Node Farms (6 or more nodes grouped together) – approximately 23 hours.
  • Passiflora (Passion Fruit) – each toon can only gather 15 per day. These are only found in Southsun Cove.
  • Snow Truffles – we’ve seen Snow Truffles move and have an approximate 23 hour respawn rate but are unable to confirm this with any information provided by Arena Net or found online.
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