Guild Wars 2 is meant to be all things to all people

11 Jun

Guild Wars 2 is meant to be all things to all people. It’s supposed to be both a revolution for those already embedded in the peculiarities of massively multiplayer roleplaying, and the game that lures outsiders into the genre. ArenaNet is aiming, by accident or choice, for Schrödinger’s MMORPG: a game that exists in a dual state, pleasing two distinct groups.

Astoundingly, it’s got close, although Guild Wars 2’s advances should be considered on a sliding context scale. At the thin end of the wedge, small adjustments have made the experience friendlier for veterans. These tiny tweaks to questing and grouping will be apparent to old hands, but fly right over the heads of newcomers. Fresh eyes will instead look at Guild Wars 2’s snappy combat, perhaps finding their first inroad to a genre that usually looks too stilted for fans of rapid payoff.

Guild Wars 2 still sets its camp in the lush, verdant MMORPG forest. Quests involve killing a lot of the same things. Combat skills are accessible via the number keys. Guilds provide a social home for players, while banks store items, and crafting stations let you make a lot of shoes. GW2 has smoothed out a great many of the traditional MMOG’s rough edges – the template laid down by gw2 gold – but this is no vast change. Some improvements are obvious, and some take hours of digging to uncover.

Tyria is a place of rolling green hills, icy fjords and dinky villages. Large open fields are graded by level, and most AI characters stand stock still, roped in to provide window dressing to the traditional fantasy universe – but the world has many visual innovations, too. Rata Sum lies over in the extreme west, a host of floating pyramids run by clanking automatons. It’s the home of bunny-eared gremlins the Asura, and their city is held together by a combination of force fields, brilliant crystals and intertwining branches.



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