Guild Wars 2 Guide to Conditions versus Boons

22 Mar

Guide to Conditions versus Boons

Conditions and boons can be removed in two ways: skills or traits, with this broken down into forced/direct removal, transfer or transform and skill combinations, through Combo Fields and Finishers. It should be noted however that there are no Combo Fields and Finishers that remove boons, as this only works for conditions.

Every profession in the game has some form of condition removal whether from skills, traits or both, but not all professions have access to boon removal as this is predominantly the role of the Mesmer or the Necromancer.

If you are keen to take part in structured PvP I would sincerely recommend you have at least one skill or several traits which remove conditions from you as this will make your life a whole lot easier if you encounter condition focused players. Where boons are concerned, unless you are a Mesmer or Necromancer you will struggle to directly counter professions that make heavy use of boons but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete against guild wars 2 gold.These are the most common of the three profession specific skill types and are often skills that can be used while moving and tend to remove some or all conditions currently affecting you, regardless of the amount of conditions you are suffering from.Dependant on your preferences, choosing an individual condition removal skill will save you considerable health loss against foes that are intent on stacking as many conditions on you as quickly as possible, because you can simply wipe them out (meaning they then have to reapply all of them). However, individual condition removal skills tend to have long cooldowns that will leave you vulnerable after their use, while some condition removal skills only remove certain types.

For example, a Thieves Hide in Shadows will only remove Burning, Poison and Bleeding (leaving you exposed to many others) where as a Mesmers Null Field will remove all conditions you are suffering from. If you want to cover all bases in the Thieves example, you would need to pair this with traits or further condition removal skills to ensure all of them can be removed.



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