Guild Wars 2 Huntsman Leveling Guide 150-300

20 Mar

Becoming a Huntsman is more expensive than the guides I’ve produced previously but it is notably quicker because of it. It’s also possible to recoup some of the initial outlay of money from the weapons you craft, to then sell back to the vendor or to list/salvage on the Trading Post.

Unlike becoming a Chef or Artificer, leveling this and the remaining crafting professions can still take some time (about an hour if you have all the ingredients). This method however is quicker than Jewel crafting. Similarly to Jewel crafting, there are a large amount of ingredients involved so it’s always worth paying careful attention to what you have and haven’t buy gw2 gold. It’s also recommend you check your crafting bank in the event you already own some materials.

Huntsman are capable of crafting bows (both long and short) torches, pistols, rifles, warhorns and harpoon guns. They can also make consumable maintenance oils that provide buffs similar to cooking or artificing.

Please note: It is always recommend that you place Buy Orders for crafting ingredients or components. This will take a period of time to gather them all, but will save your gw2 gold.


Make 90 Seasoned Wood Plank
Make 99 Steel Ingot
Make 9 Seasoned Torch Handle
Make 27 Steel Horn
Make 9 Steel Torch Head
Make 27 Steel Warhorn Mouthpiece
Discover Hearty Warhorn with Steel Horn, Steel Warhorn Mouthpiece, Hearty Seasoned Inscription
Make 26 Hearty Warhorn
Make 9 Steel Plated Dowel
Make 9 Hunter’s Steel Plated Inscription
Discover Hunter’s Torch with Steel Torch Head, Seasoned Torch Handle, Hunter’s Steel Plated Inscription
Make 8 Hunter’s Torch


Make 99 Darksteel Ingot
Make 117 Hard Wood Plank
Make 27 Darksteel Horn
Make 27 Darksteel Warhorn Mouthpiece
Make 9 Hard Harpoon
Make 9 Hard Rifle Stock
Discover Berserker’s Hard Warhorn with Darksteel Horn, Darksteel Warhorn Mouthpiece, Berserker’s Hard Inscription
Make 26 Berserker’s Hard Warhorn
Make 9 Darksteel Plated Dowel
Make 9 Rampager’s Darksteel Plated Inscription
Discover Rampager’s Hard Harpoon Gun with Hard Harpoon, Hard Rifle Stock, Rampager’s Darksteel Plated Inscription
Make 8 Rampager’s Hard Harpoon Gun



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